Vacuum collectors "MACSUN-10"


   The vacuum in the tubes is 5х10-3 Мра, the best insulation. This make them very effective in the winter when the temperatures are very low. This is the main priority property in comparison to the flat collectors

   There is no need to clean the tubes because dust and snow cannot stay on it.

   The vacuum tubes KINSLY 70/1700 are made of high quality borosilicate glass with thickness 2.5 mm and hail resistance 35 mm.

   The individual direction make the tubes very effective whole day.

   The dry connected tubes are without working fluid in them. This make them very effective in very low values of sun intensity.

   This is the main difference between them and the wet connected vacuum tubes or the flat collectors in cloudy whether.

   The vacuum tubes with dry connection are made for easy changing of each separate tube and there is no need to interupt the work of the system.

   The stand is made of Cr-Ni material protected against corrosion and wind resistance 30m/s. The heat exchanger is made of Ch-Ni steel, polyurethane insulation, aluminum sheet and stainless steel external jacket.

  • The vacuum tubes are type-dry connection. In comparison with other types of vacuum they have few priorities Properties: 
    • they are with higher effectiveness
    • there is no water in the tube
    • the heat transfer liquid is non toxic non freezable in closed system
    • in case one or more tubes taken of there is no leaking and the collector and the system still working
    • if there is a broken tube there is no need то empty the liquid from the system
Technical specifications of vacuum collectors "MACSUN-10"
Model type   MACSUN-10
Structure   10 it. Super Heat Conduction Metal Vacuum Tube test DIN4757
Dimensions /mm/   1300 х 1000 х 1430
Header size of heat-pipe /condensing end/   Diameter 70mm x 75mm long
Single tube size   Diameter 70mm and length 1700mm /or longer up to 1900mm/
Single tube weight   2.2 kg for 1700mm length tube /2.4 kg for 1900 mm length tube/
Absorbing area   1.6 м2
Heat exchanger capacity   0.48 l
Optimum flow for unit area   0.5 - 0.8 l/min for м2
Test pressure   10 bar
Maximum working pressure   6 bar
Working temperature   70 - 190 °С
Maximum temperature /condensing end/   250 °С
Resisting frost   -30 °С
Heat exchanger insulation   Extruded polyurethane foam
Vacuum glass tube   B-Si glass /High grade/
Glass tube diameter   Ø 70 мм
Wall thickness   2.5 mm
Degree of vacuum  
>  5х10-3 Mpa
Selective absorption layer   Aluminum Nitride /Al-N/Al/
Absorption coefficient   a>0.91
Emission coefficient   e<0.09
Hail resistance   Ø 35 mm
Wind resistance   30 m/s /11 class/
Lifetime   More than 10 years
Warranty - 5 years!

ISO 9001:2000